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REI Programs


SES has designed insurance products tailored to the needs of investors that have a portfolio of residential rental properties. These properties are typically renovated and converted to long-term rentals. It is an evolving market with more than $20 billion of fresh capital being infused into the market from institutional investors and private sources of capital. The market for single-family residential rental properties has grown rapidly and is estimated to be as large as 15 million properties.

SES has a dedicated team of insurance professionals focused on real estate investors and views the real estate investor (REI) market as one that is fragmented, underserved, and misunderstood by the insurance industry. We are continually educating the insurance marketplace about the value of portfolios owned and managed by investors and are at the forefront of changing the real estate investor insurance paradigm from “high risk” to a “preferred risk.”

  • SES represents the most competitive and flexible carriers in the market.
  • SES is deeply immersed in the marketplace and understands the trends and needs of its clients. In turn, crafting insurance solutions based on risk tolerance, portfolio specifics, and coverage requirements.

We work with each of our partners to tailor insurance offerings that address the need for broad coverage, exceptional pricing, and meet the risk tolerance of every investor as well as lender guidelines. SES uses this expertise to enhance our programs, help in the underwriting process, and pass on the necessary knowledge to our partners so that they can stay informed. SES has also partnered with industry-leading third party data providers to improve the user experience and supplement our underwriting process. Our partnerships enabled dynamic pricing, quicker turnaround times, and increased confidence through machine learning and AI augmented underwriting.

When you work with SES, not only will we create a program that is best suited to your needs, we will provide access to the Total Insurance Management System, TIMS, our proprietary portfolio management system.


Coverage is provided on a master policy basis with either a monthly reporting option or an annual policy that holds a common expiration date for every property in the portfolio.

Additional Portfolio Program Details

Find additional information on Coverages, Benefits, Ineligibilities, and more, by accessing our flyer below.

REI Portfolio Program Flyer



  • 1-4 unit long-term rental dwellings
  • Build-to-Rent  
  • Up to $1 million per property
  • Range from $2,500 to $25,000 per each location, per each occurrence
  • Separate deductibles for wind/hail, named storm, EQ, flood, et
  • Alternative deductible structures may be available (SIR, Loss Limit, other)
  • Special form of loss (ISO based forms widely used)
  • Earthquake–by request
  • Flood–by request
  • Named storm
  • Builder’s risk for homes under minor renovation–not new construction (additional)
  • Business personal property (contents can be included)
  • Business income (coverage for loss of rents can be included)
  • Enhanced liability and property coverage options available
  • Equipment breakdown coverage options available


  • $2,000,000 general aggregate
  • $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • $100,000 any one fire
  • $5,000 med pay per person
  • Additional coverages/limits may be available
  • Excess limits available from $1,000,000-$10,000,000
  • No deductible for general liability
  • ISO based commercial general liability coverage/forms
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Please fill out and send completed application to:


The SES Self-Storage Program is a Commercial Package policy for eligible self-storage facilities. This program offers a range of coverage options designed to cater to diverse needs. Our Self Storage Program is written on A++ XV paper and is engineered to align with your specific requirements

Engage with our expert team today to discover the perfect coverage option that not only fits your business model but also enhances your investment security and peace of mind.

Additional Self Storage Program Details

Find additional information on Coverages, Benefits, Ineligibilities, and more, by accessing our flyer below.

Storage Program Flyer



      1. Non-combustible construction
      2. Built after 1990
      3. 90% or more occupancy
      4. Frame construction ineligible
  • TIV: $1.5M to $50M

$2,500 and up
Separate Wind/Hail Deductible

Admitted Package Policy (ISO Based) including:
 - Commercial Property (BLDG & BPP)
 - General Liability
 - Business Income

Equipment Breakdown
Automatic Blanket limit of insurance for select property coverages



GL limits up to $2M Occurrence, $4M Aggregate
HNOA up to $1M

Sale & Disposal Legal Liability up to $1M
Customers’ Good Legal Liability up to $1M

  • Up to $5M

  • No liability deductible/SIR
  • ISO Based commercial general liability coverages
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Mitigate risk and maximize reward today with ResidentPro from SES. You’ll get better sleep and better returns.

Call 800-955-4737 to get started.

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The SES Master Policy for Small Multifamily Dwellings safeguards your entire residential portfolio under one policy. It is custom built to protect investors with portfolios comprised of small multifamily dwellings and long-term residential rentals.

Made for small apartment complexes, this policy offers property and liability insurance.

Additional Multi-Fam Program Details

Find additional information on Coverages, Benefits, Ineligibilities, and more, by accessing our flyer below.

Multi-Fam Program Flyer



  • 5-50 small multi- family dwellings

  • Three stories or less

  • Long term leases / annual occupancy

  • Coverage in most states (territorial restrictions may apply)

  • Up to $10 million per property
  • Range from $2,500 to $25,000 per each location, per each occurrence
  • Separate deductibles for wind/hail, named storm, EQ, Flood etc.
  • Building

  • Loss of rents

  • Ordinance & Law

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Water back-up

  • Newly acquired or constructed buildings

  • Outdoor trees, shrubs, and plants

  • No coinsurance requirements (no coinsurance penalty)

  • No minimum earned premium


  • $1,000,000 per occurrence/ $2,000,000 general aggregate

  • Bodily injury property damage liability

  • $100,000 Fire Damage (per occurrence)

  • Medical Payments of $5,000 per person

  • Personal and advertising injury

  • Premises Liability

  • May be available depending on the risk

  • No deductibles for general liability
  • ISO based commercial general liability coverage/ forms



Protection against tenant-caused damage

SES Insurance, the leading provider of insurance services for large real estate portfolios of all sizes, has teamed up with QBE to create ResidentPro tenant legal liability coverage (TLL). ResidentPro offers the protection all investors need against tenant-caused damages.

Damage caused by tenants can come from 12-year-old Alison, the future chef, forgetting to turn the stove off to Grandpa Joe falling asleep smoking a cigarette; our data suggests these types of losses represent one of the biggest risks and expenses that landlords face today.

With ResidentPro, eliminate the false sense of security and the hassle of obtaining and tracking your resident’s renters insurance. Overcome the sleepless nights playing out possible “what if?” catastrophes like these:

    • What if the tenant causes a kitchen fire?
    • What if the tenant falls asleep smoking a cigarette?
    • What if the tenant’s bathtub overflows while multitasking?
    • What if the tenant canceled their renters insurance without notifying me?

For less than $10/month per property, ResidentPro gives the peace of mind to know you are fully protected.  Base coverage includes liability protection from tenant-caused damages up to $100,000 for the following perils: Fire, Water, Smoke, Explosion

Additional Advantages

Avoid the deductible expense:

No deductible on the TLL, whereas deductibles for typical P&C policies would be $2.5K minimum.

Create additional passive fee income:

Can be cost-neutral for landlords and revenue-generating to property managers when administered as a fee or passed through to residents in their monthly rent.

Lower commercial insurance costs in the long run:

Create stability through subrogation opportunity.

The SES Difference

We believe an insurance policy is more than a “just in case” coverage. Our comprehensive services won’t just protect your portfolio—they’ll help it thrive. We provide coverage, customized solutions, and convenience that’s unparalleled in the insurance world. And we deliver a one-stop insurance experience that’s backed by innovative technology and real estate industry experts.

SES has been a great business partner. Their people focus on doing the right thing for all their stakeholders. I especially appreciate the energy each person gives while working toward our common goal of delivering reliable insurance solutions.

Marissa Mandado

Assistant Vice President, Marsh

Our experience with the Master Trust Program has been very good. The portal is very easy to use, whether creating a report or obtaining a quote. Even the claim process is easy. The response time from SES associates is very good. Overall, I think it has been a good fit for our business.

Joyce Anne Green

Senior Vice President, Simmons Bank

The people at SES make the difference! Their response time is exceptional. The efficiency of the entire team is unbeatable. The reporting portal for customers is user friendly and geared perfectly toward their needs. I can’t imagine having our bank customers with anyone else but SES!

Nancy Deer

Commercial Account Manager, HJ Spier

SES has been a great business partner. Their people focus on doing the right thing for all their stakeholders. I especially appreciate the energy each person gives while working toward our common goal of delivering reliable insurance solutions

Kevin Iwanicki

Director of Specialty Operations, Rockingham

SES has been the ideal business partner for us to grow, serve, and retain business. They are the rare combination of a company that not only has great technology, but even better people. Their employees care about writing and retaining business, and SES will work to make sure you and your agency can prosper alongside them. The TIMS system allows my employees to easily serve our mutual clients, and SES is constantly working to refine and improve the user experience for both their agents and their clients. Our relationship with SES has definitely helped us gain efficiency and improve our bottom line.

I have worked with SES for nearly 10 years. What continues to set SES apart are the following critical success factors:

  1. Billing and Payment Support: The SES Bill Payment Portal and online payment support is outstanding. I rarely get asked billing questions anymore thanks to these tools, but when I do, the team is quick to respond within one business day with detailed answers. The issues often are resolved immediately.
  2. TIMS: I could not run my business without TIMS. This is hands down the best tool in the REA insurance industry. To be able to dynamically add, delete, modify, and print COIs is a game changer for my business.
  3. REIT Program Product: The package program, property and liability, is what makes the SES program ideal for major real estate investors and REITS. The policy form meets or exceeds nearly all popular lender requirements, which enables financing and refinancing for my customers.

Lee Rogers

President, Real Protect