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Protection against tenant-caused damage

SES Insurance, the leading provider of insurance services for large real estate portfolios of all sizes, has teamed up with QBE to create ResidentPro Tenant Legal Liability coverage. ResidentPro offers the protection all investors need against tenant-caused damages.

Damage caused by tenants comes in all forms. From 12-year old Alison, the future chef, forgetting to turn the stove off to Grandpa Joe falling asleep smoking a cigarette, our data suggests these types of losses represent one of the biggest risks and expenses that landlords are facing today.

With ResidentPro, eliminate the false sense of security and the hassle of obtaining and tracking your resident’s renters insurance. Overcome the sleepless nights playing out possible “what if?” catastrophes like these:

  • What if the tenant causes a kitchen fire?
  • What if the tenant falls asleep smoking a cigarette?
  • What if the tenant’s bathtub overflows while multitasking?
  • What if the tenant canceled their renters insurance without notifying me?

For less than $10/month per property, ResidentPro gives the peace of mind to know you are fully protected.  Base coverage includes liability protection from tenant-caused damages up to $100,000 for the following perils:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Smoke
  • Explosion

Additional Advantages:

  • Avoid the deductible expense: No deductible on the TLL, whereas deductibles for typical P&C policies would be $2.5K minimum.
  • Create additional passive fee income: Can be cost-neutral for landlords and revenue-generating to property managers when administered as a fee or passed through to residents in their monthly rent.
  • Lower commercial insurance costs in the long run: Create stability through subrogation opportunity.

To find out more information and to submit an application, please click here.

Mitigate risk and maximize reward today with ResidentPro from SES. You’ll get better sleep – and better returns. Call 800-955-4737 to get started.

The SES Difference

We believe an insurance policy is more than “just in case” coverage. Our comprehensive services do more than protect your portfolio – we help it thrive. We provide coverage, customized solutions and convenience that’s unparalleled in the insurance world. And we deliver a truly one-stop insurance experience that’s backed by innovative technology and real estate industry experts. That’s why we’re difference makers.