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Real Estate Investors

SES has designed insurance products tailored to the needs of investors that are purchasing portfolios of residential properties. These properties are typically renovated and converted to rental properties. It is an emerging market with over $20 billion of fresh capital being infused into the market from institutional investors and private sources of capital. The market for single family resident rental properties has grown rapidly and is estimated to be as large as 14 million properties.

SES has a dedicated team of insurance professionals focused on real estate investors and views the Real Estate Investor (REI) market as one that is underserved and misunderstood by the insurance industry. We are continually working to educate the insurance marketplace as to the value and unique characteristics of the portfolios owned and managed by investors, thus placing SES at the forefront of changing the Real Estate Investor insurance paradigm from “High Risk” to a “Preferred”.

  • SES represents the most competitive and flexible carriers in the market
  • SES understands the needs of its clients and crafts insurance solutions based on risk tolerance, portfolio specifics, and coverage requirements

We work with each of our partners to tailor insurance offerings that address the need for broad coverage, exceptional pricing and meet the risk tolerance of every investor. SES uses this expertise to enhance our programs, help in the underwriting process, and pass on the necessary knowledge to our partners so that they can stay informed.

When you partner with SES, not only will we create a program that is best suited to your needs, we will provide access to the Total Insurance Management System, TIMS®, our proprietary portfolio management system.

Coverage options include a Master Policy

Coverage is provided on a master policy basis with either a monthly reporting option or an annual policy that holds a common expiration date for every property in the portfolio.

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