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Fire Season Continues

“Complacency is our worst enemy in this business — the idea that ‘it can’t happen to me,’ for some reason or another. Yes, it can.” – Dave Root, Colorado State Forest Service Assistant Forester.

With wildfire season being in full effect, homeowners are taking a proactive step into reducing the likelihood of damage from a wildfire.
Contrary to popular belief, minimizing the potential of a wildfire is easier than one might think. Simple steps homeowners are taking include:

  • Cleaning out gutters to be free of leaves, pine needles, and other combustible fuels
  • Installing metal screens on vents to prevent embers from travelling outside a home to inside a home
  • Reducing the amount of fuel around a home. Very minimal vegetation should lie within 15-30 feet of a house and trees should be spaced 10 feet apart when they are at least 100 feet from a house
  • Integrate noncombustible construction materials such as metal, concrete, cement, brick, & stucco into the structure of the home

Check out this article to see how others are protecting their homes from wildfires. We’ll be posting additional fire prevention information as it becomes available.