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Sahitya Vennam selected as our Top Performer for Q1’20

Innovative, inspired, and “intrapreneurial” are just some of the values that we embrace at SES Risk Solutions. When choosing an employee of the quarter, we look for an individual that demonstrates those ideals, as well as a true entrepreneurial spirit who continues to make contributions to improving our organization and making it a better place to work.

We are pleased to announce that Sahitya Vennam has not only demonstrated those values on a day-to-day basis but continues to shine as a technological leader, exemplifies excellence in all that she does, and embodies a can-do attitude.

Per one of our employees, “She is extremely knowledgeable, engaged, resourceful and patient in interacting not only with myself, but other team members alike. In addition, I can always appreciate all the questions Sahitya brings to every meeting as it demonstrates she is prepared, engaged and has a genuine willingness to understand. On top of her solid work ethic and performance, she contributes a tremendous amount to our culture as well.”     

Congratulations Sahitya!