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Turning Rental Risks Into Rental Rewards

SES Insurance, the leading provider of insurance services for large real estate portfolios of all sizes, now offers you a value-add product that helps you mitigate the risks that come from renting your properties. ResidentPro is rental insurance that you obtain for your properties so you know you’re covered.

Let’s face it. A renter may look good on paper, but there’s no guarantee that accidents can’t happen to a good renter. With ResidentPro, the power of control is in your hands. No more nagging renters repeatedly to get their own insurance. Or sleepless nights playing out possible “what if?” catastrophes like these:

  • What if the tenant causes a kitchen fire?
  • What if the tenant’s dog tears up the carpet because it’s bored being home alone?
  • What if the tenant’s bathtub overflows while multitasking?

With ResidentPro Master Policy Liability Coverage, you don’t have to worry about those tenant-caused property damage issues. Your assets are still protected, up to $100,000 liability coverage for property damage to units or common areas of an insured location your tenant is legally liable for.

Here’s what’s covered: Fire, Falling Objects, Water, Loss of Rental Income, Collapse, Smoke, Explosion, Freezing Pipes, Appliance Overflow, Sewer Overflow, & Pet Damage.

Trust the Industry Leaders

SES currently services over 65,000 properties for fiduciaries, owners and managers through master policies on a nationwide basis. SES has a 30-year history of offering competitive and comprehensive insurance products – complimented by unparalleled service and innovative technology – for properties (residential, commercial, farm and land) held in trust by financial institutions. And we only partner with the best. Every ResidentPro policy is carried by QBE, one of the most experienced carriers in the industry.

Mitigate risk and maximize reward today with ResidentPro from SES. You’ll get better sleep – and better returns. Call 800-955-4737 to get started.

The SES Difference

We believe an insurance policy is more than “just in case” coverage. Our comprehensive services do more than protect your portfolio – we help it thrive. We provide coverage, customized solutions and convenience that’s unparalleled in the insurance world. And we deliver a truly one-stop insurance experience that’s backed by innovative technology and real estate industry experts. That’s why we’re difference makers.